Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper Chessy Hashbrowns 5.5 oz


Hamburger Helper Chessy Hashbrowns.

Real potatoes and naturally flavored cheesy topping mix. Add Your Own Twist! Turn this flavor up! Cook spicy ground sausage in place of ground beef. Stir in chopped green bell pepper just before simmering. Stir in cooked scrambled eggs just before serving. For extra zip, serve with hot sauce.

Net Wt. 5.5oz

Potatoes*, Maltodextrin, Modified Whey, Modified Corn Starch. Contains 2% or less of: Salt, Natural Flavor, Vegetable Oil (canola, soybean, and/or sunflower oil), Citric Acid, Cheddar Cheese* (milk, salt, cultures, enzymes), Whey, Yeast Extract, Sodium Bisulfite (preservative), Buttermilk, Coconut Oil, Color (yellow lakes 5 and 6, yellows 5 and 6), Sodium Phosphate, Blue Cheese* (milk, salt, cultures, enzymes), Silicon Dioxide (anticaking agent). *DRIED
Food Allergen Info: Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat Ingredients. May contain eggs.