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Jun 02, 2023Samantha DW.
Ritz Banana Snack


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Want a fast and simple healthy treat? You won't even have to turn on the stove or press any buttons. No heating is required for this quick treat. Try out this yummy easy snack that is filling and won't break the bank to make. With four simple ingredients, you can have yourself a little treat that can satisfy those summertime cravings. 

Ritz Crackers, Biscoff Crunchy Cookie Spread, Bananas, and Your Choice* of Topping! 

*We really like a good hazelnut spread. That's it, that's all you'll need to get this snack plated and ready to share or devour on your own. 

This snack is easy to make. Depending on how many servings you will want from a few for yourself to enough to feed a army of kiddos. You will want to get enough bananas to have 1 slice of banana per cracker you will use. Our Ritz, Fresh Stacks Original Crackers - 8 Count is great for opening just enough packs as needed. Pair it with our Biscoff Crunchy Cookie Spread for this great snack.

What else can you do with these nifty little snack crackers? Add any topping with fresh fruit or granola like the Quaker Simply Granola Oats Honey Raisins & Almonds or crushed-up Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate Squares. Try this snack our way or yours! 



Step 1

Place your Ritz Original Crackers on a serving tray or plate. Depending on how many you want to make lay out one per each slice of banana you will use. 

Step 2

Using a spoon or knife cover one side of your  Ritz Original Cracker with the Biscoff Crunchy Cookie Spread

Step 3

Place your banana slice on top of the spread. Drizzle the Hazelnut spread or your choice of topping over the banana.  

Step 4

Enjoy your healthy and filling Banana Ritz Cracker Snack!

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